Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Is Silk Screen Printing Best For Your Promotional Bags?

Silk screen printing is a technique of making designs or images on a fabric with the help of stencils; the ink is forced through the fabric onto the printing surface. It is an easy mode of small-scale commercials, and is used by many companies for banner printing, billboards,

flags, poster printing, etc. Nowadays, even for printing promotional bags, silkscreen printing is used, as it is an inexpensive form of printing. Therefore, before deciding that whether silk screen printing is best for promotional bags or not, it is important to consider certain facts:

1.    Firstly, it is very important to decide the style and size of the bag, whether you want a small bag or a big spacious bag. The selection of printing medium depends on the kind of bag you select.

2.    When deciding on bags, fabric should be considered the most, like natural jute bags or organic cotton bags. They are stylish, durable, and environment-friendly. Silkscreen printing can be done easily on them.

3.    It is very important to choose what you want to print on the bag. For simple logos, silkscreen printing is best, whereas for multiple images, other modes of printing are available.

4.    The promotional bags should be able to represent your business effectively so proper colors and designs should be used.

5.    If you decide to use a photographic image or something detailed, a full colour transfer is the best option for your bags.

Promotional bags help companies in promoting brands, and it is very crucial to print something that is related with the company, either its logo or use of colors, etc. Thus, you should keep in mind these few things while considering silkscreen printing appropriate for printing promotional bags.

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